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Car Problems – Is Tesco Fuel Responsible?

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Original Source: The DVD Forums
Problem with Tesco petrol in South East England?
I was sent this by a friend who i absolutely trust as he’s been in the motor trade for many years. his company is based in the Hemel Hempstead area and it has reached a point that company car users in their area have been told not to use tesco for their fuel.
I just though I’d pass this on as it might be of some significance, please don’t shoot the messenger.
Over the past week or so, quite a few customers have brought their cars in as they were "running rough". The majority of the problems we’ve found with our diagnostic equipment has been oxygen sensor (that’s the sensor in the exhaust that tells the engine management system how well the engine is running) faults, and other fuel injection related problems. We naturally presumed on the first couple of cars that the sensors were faulty, and we replaced them, but with more cars showing the same symptoms and faults we got a bit suspicious.
Our local parts supplier had received literally hundreds of orders for oxygen sensors and had a back order as they couldn’t keep up with demand, so we phoned around main dealers, as customers just wanted their cars back and were prepared to pay the added price for genuine parts. We were met with the same problem, the main dealers also had a backlog of orders.
We had a phone call from our local Allparts branch, who asked us to get in touch with our customers whose cars were having the problems and ask them where they had bought their fuel. They had all been to our local Tesco’s for their petrol. But this wasn’t just a local issue, Allparts branches are all over the place, and they had similar problems throughout the region. There conclusion is that the wrong additives have been added into the petrol at the fuel depots, independent tests are under way apparently to get to the bottom of it.
So my advice is, don’t fill up at Tesco’s, go anywhere else. If you have used Tesco’s for your petrol and your car is running a bit rough or has flat spots, top up as soon as you can with a good slightly higher octane fuel like Shell Optimax. The dodgy petrol won’t damage your engine, but just make it run like ******.
Diesel has not been affected.

Wes says, "Last week my car started playing up. It wasn’t too bad to start with, but the problem gradually got worse. To cut a long story short, my car wasn’t getting power and when it did get the power it needed it came in a surge. Then when I got my car up to speed, it wouldn’t hold it’s speed for long, which meant I needed to give it more power and so the cycle repeats. My local garage has diagnosed the problem as above and they’ve had four calls today (which is unheard of) along similar lines (although not all refilled at Tesco). Another garage in the area has also been dealing with similar problems. From what I’m reading online, the problem seems to be quite widespread (Milton Keynes to Cambridge at least), so I imagine there’s going to be other people like me, who’re now going to try and pursue compensation."
It seems the BBC have latched onto the story, you can read more at the link below:
Update 2
And now I’m famous, but not exactly for reasons I’d want:
Update 3
I’m now doubly famous after being interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio. They politely showed up on my doorstep at 7:10am this morning. I’d love to give you all a link to the recording, but it doesn’t exist (thankfully). Anyway, by now you’ll all have seen the news as it’s the top story on every TV station.
Update 4
Ok, this is getting silly. I’m now quoted on the Daily Mirror website, even though I’ve not spoken to them. Cheeky sods!
Update 5
A colleague of mine kindly provided me with a copy of yesterday’s Daily Express today. Seems I’ve been quoted on page 8. I do wonder the legality of using quotes from other sources because I’ve never spoken to anyone at the Express.
Update 6
If any TV news crews come knocking, they can bugger off. I’m available for an appearance on Top Gear, but that’s it!

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February 28, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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  1. I topped up at our local Tesco in York yesterday and a few miles later it just wouldn\’t accelerate. Any slight hill and it dropped speed rapidly. Fuel consumption doubled. Returning home it coughed and spluttered at every set of traffic lights and would nearly stall unless revved heavily. Tesco say their fuel comes from Teeside and is unnaffected in York but it sounds very similar to what is happening in the South.Car in at the garage now no doubt a large bill to follow.Under the sales of goods act 1984 you have redress if the goods are not of "merchantable quality" Also the retailer has a duty of care to you.Tesco has been selling this fuel for over a week now and knew of problems back then yet did not shut down a single pump. This sounds highly negligent. The \’faulty\’ pumps should have been closed down while they did tests yet I doubt they were. This will play out for a while now and should be interesting. IN my case I had a third of a tank already in and had topped up by 2/3rds. Problems developed within 10 miles which leads me to believe that whatever the contaminant is it is slightly heavier than everything else in the fuel. If it sits in the bottom of the tank then samples should be taken from here. This could be why it is  feeding through to the engine quickly.Anyone with problems KEEP your receipt if you do not have this then your card statement should prove purchase even your Tesco clubcard will have a record of it. As a last resort contact the garage and aks for the cctv tapes to be retained or viewed. Keep a sample of fuel from your car too. Oh and very definitely report it to local trading standards.Let me know how you all get on.Paul


    March 1, 2007 at 9:04 am

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